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Meet The Coach

Jeremy Torchinsky

Father, Coach, Motivator

My story is that I was born in Russia and came to America with my parents. My childhood was filled with negative stories of being small, bullied, not picked on teams, tough father, bad habits in my 20s and 30s, etc... I made a commitment to put the negative stories behind me and transform my life to be a better father and live a centered, healthy, happy and looooooong life.


We can meet at a gym of your choice or you can be a guest at mine. Nothing beats an in-person workout. The equipment is there and many clients actually prefer to workout in semi-private groups. Let's discuss.


Whether by Google Meet or a Zoom call, I have done it all with clients. From coaching, accountability to even walking them through online workouts. I can show you how we can achieve successful results without a lot of gym equipment and the in-person experience.


Engagements start with an initial discovery call. I highly recommend candor from my clients from the start and we will evaluate where you are in your mind, body and soul currently and establish shot and long term goals. I will then go through how I typically work with clients both in-person or online. And then the journey begins...

Excitement comes from the achievement.

Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there.



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East side of Cleveland (for now)

Tel: 216-832-5930



Coaching available online