When I Decided To Become A Coach

In December 2019 I bought a small 2 person Infrared Sauna to put in my basement. I did the research and was excited about all the benefits, such as: better sleep, detoxification, clear and tighter skin, relief from sore muscles and relaxation. So I ordered one on Amazon for $1200 and it was delivered on a crate, three boxes of parts that only took me an hour to put all together.

Now I am not that handy of a guy, so Yes, installation is easy.

One day, after about a week or so of using it, I am sitting in there listening to some John Digweed DJed, electronic music, when a voice said... let's pause right here.

No I haven't lost my mind, or maybe I did but In a good way! The fact is we all hear voices or have thoughts, in fact we have 70,000 of them a day. But this thought had a different kind of energy to it. It actually sounded like a voice. And it said "Jeremy it's either now or never, what are you waiting for? Go help others lose weight and get healthy. You know you can do it!

Now by this point I was 3 years into my "Body" transformation of losing 30 extra pounds and packing on lean muscle. I had also helped quite a few friends lose weight just by giving the blueprint of what I did. This wasn't enough for me to step out of my fears and doubts.

So back to the sauna.

After hearing that rather loud and high energy voice, I looked deep inside what was really holding me back(stay tuned for future posts to find out what the hold up was) and I realized I had the power to change it. I cried for the first time since I was a kid. It felt weird, but it felt good because I knew what I was going to do with my life and it felt amazing.

The very next day I signed up for a 6 month online Health Coaching School by HCI-Great online program that I learned quite a bit from and met some great people.

This decision, which I couldn't of been more happy about today, gave me a sense of ease and excitement. I felt a huge dark tar of anxiety just leave my body. I believe without slowing down my thoughts and getting pinpoint clarity, without outside distractions, I might of never been able to make this decision.

This clarity was great and I was excited to start on a new journey. It wasn't until March 2020 that I committed to a daily practice of meditation that the biggest changes started to occur.

I want to keep these blog posts short, so that's all for now. Stay tuned as I share more of what happened in meditation that led to more happiness and clarity.

Big Hugs and Thanks for Reading,


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